2x 3070's > 1x 3090

I separated my cards to different accounts because the earnings seemed a bit low. After watching for several days, I confirmed my account with one PC and two 3070 cards gets me about 10 dollars per day. The account with one 3090 makes significantly less than that but yet it’s much more powerful than two 3070’s put together.

I’m thinking of just straight up mining etherium with the 3090 and not using it for salad at all.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Hi there!

First of all, using multiple accounts is a breach of our Terms of Service and can result in any, and all, accounts being permanently banned from our services. Please immediately halt using any secondary or alternative accounts and resume using instead just a single account.

Second, the RTX 3090 is observed to have a hashrate on Ethereum of around 100MH/s at stock speeds, an RTX 3070 is around 60MH/s each. This results in a total hashrate of 120MH/s which in turn is earning you more balance than a single RTX 3090. This is expected and normal.


Lead Customer Support