Ability to donate salad balance to others

The ability to donate your valued chopped veggies to your buddies to help them out a little on mining.


For one, this post was already made a few times. Please make sure you aren’t reposting content that was already asked, and only post original questions. Otherwise, add a comment to the main post / upvote it.

Anyways, this would lead to a big flaw, since people creating accounts can take advantage of the referral codes even more easily.
This could also induce a security flaw depending of the setup and how people use it (for example entering the wrong destination user, or hackers being able to deposit directly your balance to any random account).


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I was unaware of that repost. I apoligize. I wasnt aware, And I do see the security risks assosiated with implemeting such a feature. Thanks for notifying me, Its probably better not to implement such a feature, Though it would be cool regardless.

Definitely not closing the door on this, just saying that there’s still some quirks we need to iron out before we can pull out features like these.

A modification of this idea would be the ability to setup crowdfunding pages on salad so people can contribute to your cause, they would have to be approved by salad of course

Perhaps a donation cap per month could be a edgy but a alright solution, (just thought about it)
And yeah angaros, I dont know how you reply to almost every single suggestion, But keep up your good work.