About getting a VISA Card

Hi everyone,
I’m about to redeem a card, a PHYSICAL one, but I’ve read this line.

What does that mean with 7-month deadline? Does it mean I have only 7 months to use that money? After 7 months the money will be gone no matter what?

You have 4 months to activate the card.
That is, go on their website, register the card with the redemption link you bought with Salad, and get the card details.

After that point, you have 7 months to use it before it expires.

Simple… no?

I know the deal. But what i wonder if the card expires, where will the money go? One more thing, what is the difference between the PHYSICAL card and virtual card? If the physical one also expires after 7 months then what is the point of acquiring that card?

The money is just lost, it doesn’t go anywhere.
Physical you just get an actual card, in virtual you get the codes (CVV, expiry, code…) on a browser window.
What do you mean what is the point… It’s the same as having a normal card? The point is to buy items from a store you want … etc

Ok i got the idea. The physical card only lives for 7 months anyway. Final question for this topic. Can I transfer the money to PayPal or other bank accounts? Because i sometimes want to save real money in safe location for later use.
Thank you Angaros

Some users have been able to get the Visa cards to PayPal, by creating a receipt they send to another email address, which they pay with the Visa.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the card and the ways they are sometimes used (Many people use these cards with malicious intent), they are sometimes rejected.

Because of this, Salad can’t guarantee it will work, but it may still be worth a try.

I’d recommend just using it on the next thing you purchase if possible then keep the cash you saved or whatever else instead of keeping the card.

I know but i wanna ask if I have earned let say 1000$ and I want to purchase an item with that price. How should I do?

Kinda like a said you probably shouldn’t save it up on one item just use it whenever you want to buy something but I don’t know any good methods of “buying” something or transferring it to some other type of balance. I guess maybe you can send money to yourself on PayPal from another account to store it all in one place if that’s what you are looking for. I haven’t yet tested that though.