About the 2x earnings codes

So basically, when scrolling through the salad discord server, and helping people with various technical issues, some people have emerged with these glitched earnings codes that do not run out after they hit 4 dollars. The progress bar never actually goes up, and they keep the 2x earnings boost. I just saw this as a very strange thing, since it should run out. Maybe it’s a problem that happened to some people’s codes, and the users that used them got a glitched boost, but it would be great if there was a solution to this, since it’s ever so slightly economy breaking to have these codes permanently.

Not many users have them out of the thousands salad has, but it does still exist.


Can you link me to these users so I can investigate? I haven’t see this error anywhere even though I’ve been as a support since its beginnings.



Thank you for responding to me! I don’t exactly know what you mean by link, but their username is who I am having the dms with in this image. This person has hit 4 dollars, but for some weird reason their code hasn’t expired, nor has their progress bar changed. Here is the image though! image

And are you sure that they did have the x2 boost? I’ve seen users that had a code but it didn’t work at all.

Yeah, they said their profits increased when they started using it. And also, I got my facts wrong, they didn’t make four dollars, they made half the goal. They claimed that the user using that code “abandoned” it or something of the sort. I don’t exactly know what they meant by that.

It’s best to report bugs directly to Salad, instead of posting here on the forums. This isn’t really a feature request.

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Yeah, I didn’t really know what to do, thanks tho.

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I have the code activated but it doesn’t work for me.

Please create a new topic in Community Support.

I’ve moved it for him :slight_smile:

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