About the Feature Requests category

We love feedback, and we want you to help us shape the future of Salad. Search for ideas, vote on your favorite ideas, and suggest new ideas.

Before creating a new topic, search through the existing topics to see if your idea has already been discussed. It’s best to vote on an existing topic to float the most important ideas to the top of the list. If a topic is close to another, you may want to continue the discussion and help further refine the idea. You get a set number of votes based on your level. Once a topic is closed, your votes are returned to you and may be used on additional topics.

Please remember that there are a lot of moving parts to Salad. Even if a feature request has lots of votes, it is at Salad’s discretion to decide if and when it fits in the product roadmap. It is also at Salad’s discretion to reject ideas that we don’t see fitting in the product roadmap.

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