Add a progress bar for the 2x bonus

I know there is a thing to show how much money left you can earn for the money-based 2x but for the timed ones there is nothing, it would be a nice little touch to add a little progress bar like the one shown in the picture or at least something to show how long we have left unknown (1)

also, credit to -Æ- Kirby2048 [GP-1510242048KY] for the picture and idea

Just some “Add on” here:

Based on which type of bonus, if it’s something like a time-limited bonus, then it would have a countdown in the progress bar

But with earning progress (something like referrals progression), it would show up as how much you’ve earned


And maybe make the Bonus appear in Reward Vault that could also act as a bonus history recorder (So you could track back on which bonus is missed or finished)