Add a warning for region limited rewards

Since I have been active in the community support I have seen many people make the mistake of buying stuff that is region locked out of their region, mainly the valorant reward, it would be nice to add more of a warning on stuff like this as when people see stuff like “TR” they mostly think it’s not a region code.

So maybe change it so it just says the full region name or maybe when buying it in the salad pay popup add in bold text saying "This is region locked double-check it’s available in your region.

you could also just add “This item could be region-locked, please double-check that it’s available in your region” as a warning on all of the salad pay popups when you click the buy button in the store so it’s less work on only applying it to only region-locked items.

Sites like G2A have a popup warning about it not being redeemable in your region.
Even a better display for region locked awards would be very poggers

PS: mod avatars when

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In a perfect world, you can make a map, with red outline what regions are locked out, or green if it’s only redeemable in that region, of course, this will be VERY hard to insert all the data and maintain it and everything.


It would be very helpful visually wise, especially if someone doesn’t understand such limitations or terminology of different zones. Maybe even with pictures that have X over regions that it won’t work for and a green circle over regions that the item will work for.

Graphic wise, doesn’t have to be complicated. Just getting the coding will be the tough part possibly unless the site is dynamic and easy to change.