Add Android/IOS salad app to check your stats and buy from store!

I hope to add an app for mobile devices (Android/IOS) , which you can see if Salad is working now or not at the moment, with the possibility of shopping through it and following up on any new such as community challenges, and if its goals are reached or not, wouldn’t it be nice to receive a notification of a new challenge from the kitchen directly on your phone ? What do you think, chefs?

Well, I think it already exists!
If you check the play store, there is not one but two apps! While they’re not yet a release from Salad itself, I can guarantee it is safe (I made one of them!).
For iOS, you can use to connect and view balance.

On large enough screens, you can even make purchases!

The reason Salad isn’t making a mobile app themselves is because there’s no real need for a specific mobile app at the moment, so the webview components are enough (webview is what the community apps run on, as well as the website).
When there are mobile-specific needs, we may work on actually developing an application.

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is there a way to get it on ios? if so, can you start salad from the app on your computer or claim bonuses while you’re away?