Add paypal to the store

add a paypal redeem thing to the shop because the visa gift cards won’t let me link it to paypal

You’re in luck, me and my friend found a way to get VISA gift cards linked to paypal. Watch the vid here

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Only some prepaids allow you to use it with paypal. Their faq even states that u can’t use it with wallet apps. them allowing the transaction is pure luck.

Could you go into detail when you say that? Cuz that makes so sense when you said “Pure luck” wouldn’t all of them just not work then if they wouldn’t work? Cuz I know a lot of people who say it worked for them

What I mean is that a majority of the cards don’t work on paypal. The first card I got I was able to pay for a money request to my main account without issues and get the money into my paypal wallet, however all of the other cards that I tried after have not worked. As I said, the card company’s faq states that they don’t support wallet apps, like paypal or cash app, so if it works, bypassing what the faq says is pure luck, no special strategies.

I have done it 10 times in a row with streamlabs donation seamlessly

you can do this: send money to a friend using a prepaid card from salad and have them send it back. Then you are done