Add radon pro 560X to compatible GPU

add the radon pro 560X to GPU compatibility.

it has 4GB VRAM and is a good mining GPU

This GPU should already be supported by Salad. Make sure your antivirus isn’t blocking Salad’s miners, your GPU has enough available VRAM when running Salad, and that your drivers are recent.

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hold up. what?! my drivers are perfect. it just says it isn’t compatible

im running CPU now. it works. it just says uncompatable

If you’re on version 0.5.2 of Salad, try downgrading to 0.5.1 here: Release 0.5.1 · SaladTechnologies/salad-applications · GitHub

I’m on 0.5.2. idk. I have the VRAM. I have 3.8GB available when idling.

He said to downgrade to 0.5.1, not to stay on 0.5.2. Perhaps try that, if you still have this issue.

Ok. How do I do that?

Get it from the github

will do. sry for late reply