Add salad to the play store on chromebooks

its not fair that chromebooks dont have the ability to earn enything this is why we should add salad to play store on chrome books and allow mining on there

To be onhist you are correct about the “Fair” part but if you don’t have a good cpu or a GPU then their is no point in even mining as it could take months to get something u want I do agree tho


i have a intel hd graphics gpu

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you cant mine with that eheh

Hello dear user!

There are a couple things in your request. First, the Play Store has disabled apps that cryptomine, meaning we couldn’t have an app on there where you can mine.
It would be possible to bypass this by creating an APK that can be downloaded separately, but this leads me to my 2 next points:

HD graphics isn’t powerful enough to mine, meaning you’ll need to CPU mine, which in itself is slow. I’m not sure which CPU model you’re equipped with, but in general don’t expect much.

Next, this would mean for Salad to develop an APK version on the app, which, yet again, introduces 2 more issues:

  • Finding the time to create a full-blown app, which requires its own designers and team to work behind.
  • Finding the right miners that are available as an APK file, or at least that can run on ChromeOS without the need of a visualizer

All in all, adding as a mining app on the Play Store doesn’t seem like something that can be put in place.


you can use linux on chromebooks and you can download the debian version of salad

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i do agree because there is like no good games on chromebook

I mean, they are more for business and schools