Adding a "Mining" Animation UI / Desktop Notification

This is probably a personal preference, but one thing that kinda annoys me is that I don’t actually know when salad is working, or if its working besides Chopping bar on the top, so I propose an idea.

What if we had a Animated UI that shows when salad is working? It could be added in the earn page or even as a desktop notification. I made some examples below.

Animated UI:
Untitled design

(Can Be transparent, background was a placeholder)

Desktop Mining Notification:
Untitled (40)

If you look in the desktop taskbar, you can see that the icon changes when you’re mining and when you’re idle…
Is that what you were looking for, or something more?

Something more, Ik in the corner you can see that, but like when it switches into the Chopping phase your when you hide the tab, it brings up that alert telling you that salad is running/ready