Addition Of Customizable Features

Hi, Good day to you all!

I’ve been using salad for just a little over a week or so. I just wanted to raise the idea of potentially having different color schemes for the app itself just so users can have the freedom to personalize their salad gui. Additionally, I would like to talk about the theme of the app. The theme itself is already sufficient (for me at least) with its minimalistic pixel kind of theme going on, but maybe adding some new themes sometime in the future would be pretty great too. Again, for the sake of personalization. Would also be pretty cool if there were this mascot or some little animated buddy who could be salad’s official “helper” of some sort. This might be a lot, but again, these are just some suggestions.

Its been already tested and could be done. Themes could work as the theme is taken from the webserver which would have a bunch of themes by the devs