Ads ? a new suggestion for CPU users

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Hey there !
Since we use CPU ( our PCs don’t support GPU ) , our income from mining is too slow , you can even see GPU users make at least 0.48 a day , and CPU users make at least 0.07 a day .
So my suggestion is to add ads to the app (like youtube ads for 30 or 60 seconds) when we watch 2 full ads you give us 0.003 or 0.002 , you can watch unlimited ads or 400 ads per day as a limit .
So 400 ads per day *0.002 = 0.4 dollars + 0.07 from CPU mining = 0.47 dollars (that what GPU users almost get per day) .
That will be fair for (Miners to get extra money from ads) and for CPU users to get money faster since the app is used to win money while you are taking rest , not to get tired of slow money and get exhausted of waiting months to get 1 classic nitro .
(This feature can be added only for CPU users , so when you use CPU it appears on the app and if you use GPU it disappears , or you can make it for both)
Number of ads you have to watch to get money is just an example , owners can change the number for what they see suitable for them & for us .
Thank you .
Best regards .