Advanced download for advanced miners

You should add xmrig for kawpow, and xmrig for cpu, phoenixminer for eth, on the downloads page with everything configured (except wallet address and rig id but they can be found when you create an account) so that it uses less resources for gui and you can view the earnings from the web and also the hashrate. And best suggested overclock for gpu with average and an option to submit overclocks.

Technically the miners are already on your machine, installed in the plugin-bin folder. It is possible to use those directly instead of externally reinstalling the miners again.
Moreover, for those on ethermine pools, you can already view your hashrate (on the web) by searching for the wallet on ethermine, and then locating your specific rig id in between all of the other ones.
Lastly, overclocks are vastly different, and even on the same card model, overclocking will not be the same. Two 3060tis will not have the same best stable overclock.
We do ask users to go on our discord server and regularly post their earnings, including their eventual overclock settings, that way there is a central area for users to get approximations.
Hope this helped!

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can you give me the string for xmrig for gpu?