After 24h only 0.05$

So I started chopping with my CPU on my Laptop yesterday and after like 12 hours I started using a second Laptop (exactly the same as the first) and used a Referral code. So I should make x2 because of the code and x2 because of 2 Laptops but for some reason nothing changed. I only got 0.05$ for 24h which is very little. I thought I would get like 1$ for 24h which would be reasonable.

By the way I don‘t mean like that it‘s only chopping when I‘m AFK. I mean it like I don‘t use the Laptops, they‘re only chopping and doing nothing else.

Which CPUs do you have? Also, referral codes are currently broken so you won’t be seeing the boost for now until it is fixed.

I have x2 Intel Core i5-6200U and 8 GB RAM and I still haven‘t even reached 0.1$.
Hope you find a solution or something.

Hey there!
This is normal… CPU mining is slow by general, and your CPU models are not racing cars by today’s standards. More importantly, you’re also on a Laptop, which preforms significantly worse than the desktop variants would.
Even with two of them, the earnings are still going to be slow.

But still I probably need to pay more for the power the laptops use than I earn.

This is true, and also why CPU mining is not nearly as profitable as GPU mining.