Gift Card for Indiia

I want the Gift Card i wasted 27$ on gift card and it didnt worked on i Need this!! & the Indian region is not that used in salad and would require more users to be viable. The gift card problem that you are describing is not that common as people READ THE DESCRIPTION and see if it’s for them. is currently very US Focused and currently expanding into the Europe / UK areas so it will take more time to add the Indian area is not the focus currently. Also, you are the only one that wants India specific rewards.

If u add things from many countries many people would be interested in checking out salad and it’s not important only focus on one direction if you just try to add more things and different things to salad that would be alot helpful for growth of salad and if u don’t wanna do that so just please add a way to transfer funds or add other visa cards that atleast work the visa card don’t work in any of the retailers online shopping sites. So atleast add visa card or anycard that may work somewhere

Refer to what I already said. Salad is in alpha and expanding everywhere with new updates.
Also their suppliers don’t sell gift cards for currently.

Also Visa Cards will work it will convert the money to the currency that you are buying with

Please Add Gift Cards Again As They are not available in the salad store.

Why did you deleted ur post? Did they really added it? Pls tell

They added and removed it??? Pls tell I’m too exited.

ya they added and then removed it 3 days ago

Please I want gift card. I redeemed it once and now its no longer there. Also can I use Visa prepaid card to add balance in Amazon Pay India?

they have added it

Nooooooooo don’t use the visa prepaid card in if ur indian I tried and my account got terminated as they thought I’m a thief and I stole it :sob::sob::sob: