An item request feature BUILT IN to the salad app

so basically, in my mind im thinking it’d work like you have this page in the app, with a box where you’d put a game or card you want added. when you submit it, it sends an email with whatever you put into that box to a for example “[email protected]” or something. this would make asking for new items and stuff a lot easier in my opinion lol

How would it send that email though? As far as I know there is no way for an app to automatically send an email using an email account of yours

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it would work similarly to the way the referral email thing works!
not sure if you noticed, but on the referrals page there’s also this “send referral” option, where you can put in someone’s email and then it would send them your code!

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Oh, then I misunderstood. I thought you meant it would send an email to [email protected].


no no, it would. im just noting that i think it would be possible because it’s able to send emails and stuff.
think of that but you can only send them too [email protected]

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