Android/iOS app to earn

Would love an app for Android or iOS that does the same on PC, so that we can earn from phone/tablet!

a phone/tablet wouldn’t be able to mine, but would most likely only be used for viewing earning and buying stuff from the store.


This feature will most probably never come (at least for mining on mobile) for a couple of reason:

  • Mobiles are incredibly slow
  • Mobiles disallow mining apps
  • We’d need to find a miner for mobile

Because of these reasons, a Salad mining app will probably never see the light. However, a mobile app to purchase items, check your earnings / graph, season progress, and all of that may come at a later date.

What about react native xmrig? it’s open source and actually get some good hashes per second… I’ve used it for a bit and managed to get about 800+ hashes per second thanks to this app. sadly it’s only for android 10, but like I said, it’s open source