Animesoul Premium on salad store front

Hello chefs!
Since we use shoob bot which is a bot that spawns cards for animesoul’s card game in the salad discord server, I think selling animesoul premium in the salad storefront would be really nice thing to have.

the premium option to animesoul gives a couple of cool perks in the website like custom profile links like, or, access to exclusive giveaways from animesoul, giftpack (allowing members to spawn a card and they could be rare ones), and bypassing some requirements like the need to vote for shoob to get tomi (game currency) for activity and you don’t have to claim 5 cards on a network server (official animesoul servers) for events.

Animesoul got a really big userbase and could bring us a good amount of users into salad since there are currently only two ways to get premium on animesoul which are buying it or getting gifted premium a “free” way to get premium could lead people to use salad for it.
Also, salad’s animesoul account might get the exclusive cards for top supporters because of it, maybe we can give those away leading to a good amount of users joining the salad discord server and potentially mining with us.

you can find more information about the premium here Anime Discord - Anime Soul