Are there other apps like Salad?

are there other apps like Salad?

Definetely, but why look for an alternative when you’ve already run into the best one?

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i tried to use my CPU on Salad but it doesnt work soo…

What CPU and amount of RAM do you have?

i have 8 ram and i use XMRig miner and Intel Pentium Silver N5030

i’m trying to use Salad because i want discord nitro :smiley:

It should work, did you whitelist Salad in your antivirus?

yep, i whitelisted salad on the windows defender

but i dont know if i have other anti virus stuff

Well, this may be related to the N5030 only having 4MB of L3 cache (Sure, you only need 2.5MB to start mining, but perhaps it’s causing this issue). Also the N5030 is a very low power processor that won’t earn you a lot - it may take you several months just to be able to afford discord nitro.

oh why would they do that

there goes my dream…

Awh, well you can still join our discord server (click) and take part in events, where you can win salad balance. That way you can earn your nitro without mining. Unfortunately we have no influence over what amount of money you get, that is affected by the hashrate your CPU/GPU gets.

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It’s not about why we’d do that, since we don’t do anything. It’s just that your CPU is not a fast one at all, so it doesn’t have much processing power and can’t mine as fast as other higher-end machines would.

Salad doesn’t choose how much you earn at any given time, it is all determined by how fast your machine is able to crunch the numbers, the value of the coin at a given time, difficulty of the network, and various other factors that come into play when you mine, none of which we really have any control over.

That being said, we’re always looking for news ways to get you earning more, so keep your eyes peeled for the next release of a new method of getting balance!

oh okay what is your discord divertic?

Click HERE

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okie thank you for your help :smiley:

It has taken me over 5 months and I still only have $9.803. So, you won’t earn much. You will earn about anywhere from $0.00001 to $0.08 per day. It depends on your CPU. If you have a GPU that you can use to mine, go for it. IF you use your GPU instead of your CPU while mining, you will earn anywhere from $0.10 to $1 per day (again, it depends on how good your GPU is).

Ummm not quite?
If we check a bit other users’ earnings, you can see that earnings are way more spread out than this?
An i5 7400 user got 0.0957 in 24h.
An i3 6098 was running a 0.0148 in 24h
And these aren’t really top-of-the-line CPUs…

For GPU we’re way past the $1 per 24h range lol
A 1030 get $0.01 per 24h
A 1060 6gb got $1.351 per 24h
A 2070 had $2.3 earnings per 24h
A 3090 gets upwards of $6-$7 per 24h

I’d like to know what you’re basing your estimations from lol

Oh well, my estimates were very far off lol. For the CPU part, I put the estimate from my own personal experience and my CPU also isn’t the top-of-the-line one. The CPU that I am using is i7-4771. I don’t know if that’s top-of-the-line or not. For the GPU, most of the people that I saw that were using GPUs were getting $0.10 to $1 per 24 hrs. So that was where my estimates for the GPU came from. I am not an expert at these things so I don’t know the real estimates. Thank you for clearing the estimates for me.

Also, I am surprised that GPUs like the RTX 3090 can earn up to $7 per 24 hrs. I thought it could earn up to about $3-$4.

Back when ETH was at its peak, (the most recent one), 3090s could easily crush the $11 mark per 24h, if combined with the right overclock :wink:

So, the 3090s could get up to $25 or even $40 per 24 hrs when ETH was at its peak recently?