Are there other apps like Salad?

No, like I said the 3090 could easily get $11 when ETH was at its peak for 24h… Why would it suddenly become $40 lol?

I meant up to $40. Cuz, you said that it could have gotten $11 easily. So, when the ETH was at its peak, how much could the 3090 get up to? I guessed $40 or $25.

Read what I said though… When ETH is at its peak it reaches $11 easily.

Yeah, I know. I said that when ETH is at its peak it can reach up to $25 or $40. I didn’t say that it can easily reach $25 when Eth is at its peak.

No you don’t get it… It can’t reach $40 or $25 since $11 is already what a 3090 gets when ETH is at its peak.

So, what is the maximum amount a 3090 could have gotten when ETH was at its peak?

$12-$13 at maximum, when ETH was peaked

Ohh. Okay, thank you. btw, this was a long conversation lol