As NiceHash has a lot of problems we need backup / alternative providers for cryptomining

NiceHash is a big company / big app which has had a lot of reliability problems lately which impacts the users mining experience & causes confusion among the userbase.
When nicehash is down salad switches automatically to another service/pool or salad would use other services accordingly to their needs.

TLDR: Nicehash has a lot of problems. Solution: Use other providers too.

I agree on that. Once I had normal earnings then I earned over 100x less. If salad are looking for new alternatives, I recommend MinerGate, CGminer or BCGminer. Even though they are most likely not as good as nicehash, they would be good alternatives, and barely have any reliability issues at the time of typing out this message.

Yeah thats the idea! when nicehash fucks over again we have backup services.
Salad saves money on saying sorry & giving everyone mining boosts.

No longer needed as salad has switched to ethermine