Auto-stop: stops mining when certain application is open and restarts after its closed

  • Auto-Stop

So we all know the auto-start feature, it starts after you’re afk for a certain amount of time. I’d like to share my idea of “Auto-stop”. So instead of waiting for you to not do anything for it to start, it is always chopping until you open a specific program which you can add to a list.

An example for me of why I think this would be a good idea is, I sometimes just watch series or just things that don’t use that much gpu usage. And I could’ve forgotten to turn salad on after I was done gaming. But when I launch a game, for example valorant, it automatically stops chopping while the process is running and when you close the game/process, it starts chopping again. So it restarts after the application is closed.

So the Auto-stop feature could have an optional checkbox that asks something like “start chopping after you close the application”. This is my feature suggestion for so users can make more money :‎)

thats a great idea !!!

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