Automatic Mining overclock when miner starts

I would like Salad to automatically overclock the GPU when the miner starts. It should be manually changeable and should automatically disable the overclock when the miner gets an clock crash.

They cannot do this as the prepping time will increase cause they will have to check every single type of ox and might also result in a gpu crash most of the time. So I would suggest just save your overclock settings in msi and every time you mine you just open msi and your gpu will automatically overclock

i didn’t talk about an automatic overclock but and overclock that start automatically

i dont think they will ever do that and can do that as they would have to develop a complete software like msi

you can set the clock speeds in the miner settings of the supported miners. i want salad to automate this.

salad itself won’t automatically overclock as this can lead to the GPU being unstable, salad itself doesn’t recommend overclocking to people due to how it can lead to your gpu being broken if you do something wrong

Exactly what I was trying to explain in a much simpler way which didn’t work

i still mean overclock setting beeing enabled automatically when salad starts mining. i am not talking about an autoclock.