Balance can be stored in Crypto

Instead of salad instantly cashing out your earnings, it can be stored in bitcoin (on salads side) and when you want to buy a gift card etc. it cashes out the required amount of bitcoin for the purchase. Let’s people take advantage of bitcoin / eth price fluctuation.

This is unlikely to happen with Salad. Salad passes along all of the mining rewards to users’ balances without taking any of it for ourselves, and we do this without waiting for the delays typical of exchanging cryptocurrency tokens into fiat currencies that can be used on our partners’ websites. In order to give that immediacy to spend balance, we have to keep cash available. In many instances, we actually have to pre-buy rewards. This all means that Salad needs to periodically exchange the cryptocurrency tokens to fiat.

If you’re interested in speculating on the value of cryptocurrency tokens, I recommend you investigate methods to “cash out” your balance and then buy tokens you’re interested in on an exchange. Alternatively, you could create your own wallets and setup solo/pool mining.

If you would like to know a method to Cash out on Salad directly to Paypal or your Bank Acccount, you can follow this tutorial here.

A warning to doing this:
It doesn’t always work using this method.

As well and good as this might seem, Salad cannot and will not be held liable in the event that the transfer does not work. If it happens, then you’ll have “lost” that balance (though of course you can still use the Visa card in its intended way)