Better afk timer

I love the ability for salad to start when you are afk and I have an idea that might improve it even more: would it be possible for the afk timer to start not when you stop moving your mouse like it works at the moment (or at least from what I noticed) but to start when you stop using a 3d application. This would improve it in two ways: firstly when you have to use a gpu intensive application while you are afk like rendering salad isn’t going to start, and having salad start when you close your game and open a lighter application like your browser your gpu is still going to mine in the background. I might be wrong but anyway thank you for this wonderful application and especially native linux support (sadly this isn’t as widespread as it should these days :frowning: )

Salad had an idea for something similar to this and called it blacklist applications.

however, this might lead to privacy problems since salad constantly needs to search if the application that you added to the block list is open and it will basically be like valorant vanguard but more useful.

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