Bring Back New Games

Why was it removed in the first place? It’s nice to be able to see just what was added so you can see if a game that was on your wishlist for a while is now available.

I’m not sure I understand what you’re missing. Are you able to elaborate more?

We recently added 15,000 new rewards to the catalog. I don’t have a good way to fit all of that on one page. :wink:

Well, there’s this small set of new games on the homepage image , but it would be cool if you could do a search filter or go to a new section or something and just be able to access all the new rewards. I understand that this is a lot of things to show, but you are already showing even more items in the search menu, so you could just make it look like that. Just some way where one could look through to see if there’s anything interesting and new they want to check out.
I also understand that for this wave of new rewards it is a lot to put all in one category, but I’ve noticed that a lot of times rewards are more added in small bunches, so this would be a good place to put those bunches of rewards.

Really I’m thinking of something that functions about like the fresh loot Friday tag does. Just a tag that you can use to see all the new stuff that’s being added.

Yes, Fresh Loot is exactly that. With 15,000 new items, it made that category a little silly. I’d expect Fresh Loot to return in the future when we’re finding new rewards at a more “normal rate”.