Buy Giftcards in App

I have the android app for salad and can’t purchase giftcards through it. I have to wait until I have access to the PC where salad is installed to purchase a card. It’s very inconvenient so see that I have enough balance but can’t buy a card in app.

Hello there user!
It is true that the mobile version of Salad doesn’t allow purchases yet. However, in case you weren’t aware, you don’t have to wait to get back to a Salad-installed machine in order to redeem an item.

Any other PC will do, so long as you can access the browser and search for
This website allows you to do most of the app’s functions, except for mining directly.

Hope I helped!

Thanks for the tip, I apprecaite it Angaros. There’s really no reason to download the Salad app if I can’t redeem like the program or the website. I’m going to uninstall the app from my phone in peaceful protest :neutral_face:

Well, like I said is a way to access it, just not on phones yet…
That being said, I haven’t completely closed the door on redeeming from your mobile phone… Keep your eyes peeled.