Can a MacBook Pro i9 mine?

I recently got a MacBook Pro with 5.5 gb of VRAM, and am looking to put it to work. However, I am being blocked from mining, and I’m not sure why. Is there any way to bypass this aside from the “ignore specs” button? Is it that only one device can mine at a time?

Unfortunately, not very well. I know, because I’m in the same boat!

See also the comment on the reply right before this one:

GPU mining is altogether unsupported by Salad, and there is also no software support to manage the GPU on macOS platforms. Salad is falling short on Apple devices, but AMD is falling shorter.
You can do CPU mining, however. But there’s high risk in that, which is noted on Salad’s FAQ about the hardware risks. If you keep it in a refrigerator, there is a chance it might not melt itself. I once ran mine for 12 hours, and then realized the risks were far too great. I got this device to be high-performance with Salad in mind, not realizing the damage it could cause since all the internal components are squished together. The keyboard gets very hot. I have the device on an external fan, but that doesn’t help much at all.
The worst part? I never used my laptop without it being plugged in until after I had run Salad. The previous owner never used it while it was not plugged in, either. Now, when I unplug it, I might lose 40% charge in under 30 minutes. Due to the order of my operations, I am not sure whether this had to do with the CPU’s proximity to the battery when I ran Salad for 8+ hours overnight, or whether it’s just not a powerful battery. Either way, I’ve decided to stop running Salad on my MacBook until GPU mining is supported. If that ever happens and it gets too hot when I do that, then I’ll have to quit using Salad altogether until I get a desktop PC, which won’t be anytime soon.

If you have atleast 4GB of System RAM and atleast 2mb of l3 cache (its very likely that you do (there are some other cache requirements but I’ve forgotten them as if you have 2mb of l3 cache you likely meet the other requirements)), you’ll be able to mine with your CPU on Salad. As for GPU mining, I’m unsure of the specifications within MacBooks, but if it has atleast 4GB of DEDICATED VRAM, and is a recently made GPU, you can mine with your GPU.
Considering you say you have 5.5gb of VRAM, since that’s a pretty odd number for physical VRAM, I assume it’s not dedicated to just your GPU. But again, I have no idea how MacBooks work nor what model your GPU is.