Can the Miner be Changed

In miner details, it says miner name- (Xmrig). Does that mean we can change the miner, and if so, how, and does anyone have any suggestions?

Hello there!

You can’t manually change the miner in the Salad-app right now… If Salad chose XMRig, it is most likely the one that best fits your GPU (or CPU if you were CPU mining).

There is a way to change the miner, but it is a method outside of Salad called Salad CLI.
I’ve made several guides on this subject for 4 different miner methods, so if you want to check it out you can as well:

Anyways hope this helped you, have a good day!

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Careful guys, the XMRIG miner has a virus. Keylogger.

First run it goes fine with phoenix, 2nd run it installs virus

No? XMRig is not a virus.

yeah i’ve been using it for sometime now- nothing bad is happening

This only works on Windows and not on an iMac. Can you tell me a method for macOS or iMac?

For Mac you’ll want to be using XMRig.
There’s a specific miner for Mac, which you can download here:

Then edit the config file to your liking (I’ve made a video on Youtube for XMRig GPU, you can follow that guide but just keep the CPU values).

Once that’s done, launch and enjoy mining!

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Thank you! But, is there any other miner out there other than XMRig for mac?