C'ant mine on my GPU

HI, when i use salad with my GPU the miner was XMRig and now salad uses phoenix but phoenix REALLY not working well or very little, i don’t understand why overnight salad to change the miner and now doesn’t work well :frowning:

my config :

Radeon RX 580 series, VRAM 4GB
AMD Tyzen 5 2600 Six-Core Processor, RAM 32GB

Hi! How long are you mining for on each session? (Like after you click Start, how long after do you click Stop?)

This morning I mine for 30 minutes and I made 0 $ so I gave up mining with my GPU but with my CPU but it is less fast and it constantly runs at 70% (which I don’t like not too much)

When mining with PhoenixMiner, you’ll be mining Ethereum which uses the Ethermine pool. Ethermine will show pretty bad earnings for the first 1-2 hours of running, after that it will be much higher than mining with XMRIG. Salad/Cryptominers in general is best run for longer durations of time because of this/similar situations to this.


TL;DR, If you want to earn more with PhoenixMiner, you’ll have to run for longer durations of time.

ok thanks i will watch today and tomorrow and i will give you a feedback if it worked :slight_smile:

Thanks @Pepe its work :slight_smile:

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