Can't mine with GPU

I have dual Radeon RX560s and I can’t use them to mine. It says that no compatible GPUs where found. Anyone know how to solve this issue?

Hey, realjoshlee! What Salad version are you using? (you can find out by going to settings and checking the bottom left corner)

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I’m currently running Salad Version 0.4.2

I always recommend upgrading to the latest (you can find links for different platforms on However, I’m not so convinced that alone will solve your issue. If it doesn’t, it’s best to get someone to help you review the Salad application log file. The log file contains some data that some find sensitive/personal (such as your username and hardware configuration). I recommend opening a support ticket, and the team would be happy to help identify what’s going on.

Ok, thanks. Where can I find this application log, or is it linked in the app?

The following guide on our support website should get you to it:

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than you for your help!