cant start mining

hello guys im new to salad mining, just i have 2 ques: first: i dont have antivirus and i add salad to exclusion plus i turned it off after reinstalling several times the message still appears " antivirus is blocking…" . second: when it starts real mininf how can i know???

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also in the websit under miner detail they says download required and i already downloaded the app

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im not sure why it still says the antivirus is blocking it, but the website will always show “download required” because you cant mine through the website.

Hey, hmabdallah12! As Fvn556 said, you cannot mine through the website so it has to be done through the app. Are you sure you don’t have Windows Defender blocking Salad? A lot of people don’t notice the antivirus Windows provides us with! Whenever it starts mining, the status should say chopping. After that, you’ll be earning some nice Salad balance!

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