CD Filter option

Since the recent CD Key games got added, and I can´t get CD as my laptop doesn’t have a CD thing,I always look for the normal key for activation, like discord nitro activation kind. But for that, I have to scroll through tons of CD games so I would like if there´s a filter option for non-CD games

You don’t need an optical/CD drive to activate a CD key. The term “CD Key” is just an old reference to how games USED to be activated as they were mostly on CD’s before Steam was introduced. A Steam CD key is activatable through Steam’s “Activate a Product” menu (Bottom left, click “Add a Game”, then click “Activate a Product…”).

Salad does not sell CD’s. The CD-Key is an older retail term for an activation code so no need. Discord nitro can be found at “Gaming Giftcards” tho