Chopping Elapsed Time

Hello Admin, can you please make chopping elapsed time something like this 01:20:59 instead of 1HR/MIN/SEC


I’m not sure I understand…what do you mean?

Currently Salad rounds off the time shown that you’ve been running it for, image, instead of it saying the full “13 HRS, 23 MINS” for example. They just want it to be more precise.


01:20:59 (hrs:min:sec)


Ohhhhhhhhhhh, I get it now! Yeah, that would be a cool feature so you can see exactly how long you’ve been mining other than a rough hourly estimate. You get a vote from me! :smile:


So I think this would not be good on the Chopping button but on the Summary page it could have mining session length listed as: “This computer has been Mining for 1h & 20m” I think the seconds are not needed.

-3oF / The Giveaway Guy

it would be better to see overall chopping time not when you click to chop

The more specific the better. :smile: