Community challenge #6

Donation to Palestine. Palestine has stopped trending and people have forgotten about what is still happening

I think this is actually not something salad should do, and I got multiple reasons why salad shouldn’t add it.
first, I believe salad as a company, shouldn’t show political support specifically to something so heated like this one even if it’s helping people in need.
showing political opinions on a company will only do bad, salad is for everyone, salad would probably lose great amount of people who don’t like supporting Palestine specifically the people of Israel who are one of the top countries who visit salad and this is not great as salad should be welcoming to everyone no matter who they are and what they do and what their political opinion.
salad should stay out of politics.

secondly, Palestine situation is kind of bad.
I understand the will to help people in need and that’s great but you should know to who you donate to.
Hamas is on them don’t forget that, they steal anything from those charities that need to be used to develop, feed, and rebuild the city for the citizens instead they use it to manufacture weapons, missiles and more that will go to waste on the next heated situation.

In addition, I believe that if salad adds a charity donation to Palestine they should add one for Israel too and you probably won’t agree on this one, obviously because you will say people of Israel don’t need help they got money, Israel got more money than them, they can survive on their on and it’s not the same that’s actually wrong there are people in Israel that do need help specially the people who live close to the borders, kids suffer from mental issues because they are scared of the situation kids are kids no matter from where they are we are all humans and it could happened to anyone not just kids. no matter where they are and how bad the situation is on their side or the other side it could mentally mess you up, their fields are being burned by the incendiary balloons (which btw happened recently and basically broke the contract so Israel in response attacked back) causing loses of thousands if not millions of money and those field owned by people, innocent citizens who just want to live their life. those are just small examples of issues I’m sure there’s more to it if you dig into it more.

so I believe the best take for it is to just not do anything salad shouldn’t add charities for both sides and stay out of it for the best outcome for the situation.
if you want to donate and support them you can get prepaid visa card and donate to a charity you believe that will do good to people.

Hope you will understand my point of view on it.