Community Generated Earning Averages

I was thinking, it would be cool if people could opt in to share their earnings to go towards a community wide average earning page. The earnings page could have stuff like average earnings a day (per gpu/cpu), and best performing OC clocks

Well, in the discord server there exists a “share your earnings” channel, which can be used to (spoiler) share your earnings!

While this doesn’t regroup the whole community, anyone and everyone is invited to post their earnings with their GPU as well!

You can also share your OC clocks when you post the image


I think they were on about having it be more organised, rather than having to search through the channel. Something like Nicehash’s calculator page


Yeah would be really cool if eventually salad would just tell you an estimate earning rate in app, based on the average earning rate/day of others with the same GPU and miner.
and then it could just update every 24h

Edit: This certainly does not account for over-/underclocks but as they wouldn’t necessarily increase/decrease the total average by that much, I think it’d be fine not to differentiate between different clock settings.