Complete Game Task for Rewards

So I am new to Salad and I think it is a great thing so far and love that I can get games for mining. There are several other sites out there that allow you to be able to get games for paywall offers but also have an element of completing a task in a free-to-play game for points. I am more then sure that these companies reach out to the gaming industry to somehow get funding for getting people to play their games.

I think this would not only strengthen your already current base of “Chefs” but add more people, because then there will be a way we can earn while we are using our PC…

that’s basically what offerwalls do

As Ougi said, there are a lot of offers where you have to complete the game until some portion; and those offers pay a lot (sometimes $20)!

I think you guys are failing to understand but that could be on part that I am not explaining better.

I think I will give some examples of websites to better understand hopefully. These are not pay wall sites, these are complete a task and get rewarded, usually done in a different way.

Well, the rewards would have to be Salad balance unless it’s some sort of special event we’re hosting.

Totally agree, it is usually the website that hands out the points for completing the task, so points in the cryptocurrency and I think it is a win/win for both people partaking in the quest for games and Devs of Salad because I am sure companies would pay to grow a player-base and maybe get some new people in the process.