CPU/GPU Friendly Mode

There should be a way to adjust the CPU/GPU usage, as it currently (on my computer), lags the computer (70% of the time).

For example, there would be this button that would say “CPU/GPU friendly” , and it would limit the CPU/GPU usage as low as possible, or make the balance income slower (on request), in return for less lag. (Sorry if this is not a great explanation, I am the worst at explaining.)

We hope to bring that feature of changing the intensity Salad uses your GPU, but currently, that feature isn’t available. I love that idea too, however, it will drastically lower your earnings - keep that in mind! :slight_smile:

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The only thing I found is this: Using Salad in CLI (cmd output) - PhoenixMiner Version · GitHub

It’s not official and I didn’t try this.
Hope it helps. (Sorry for my English).

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he siad it wont be possible
and from my experiance when im launching a game its automaticly lower the income(or maybe not) cuz it cant use 100% of your gpu and there is no point using salad with 30-50% of ur gpu cuz youll get nothing