CPU OR GPU? i9-9900K RTX2080TI

I have an intel i9-9900k and a RTX 2080 TI , which one do i use and how much will i make a day with them?

Salad is much more optimized for GPU mining and you’ll probably make more mining with your RTX 2080 TI—but you should try both out for a couple of hours and report back here! I wish you luck :slight_smile:

With a 2080TI, it is recommended to use GPU mining for these reasons:

  • It can earn more.
  • Heat issues can be less present with GPU mining.
  • CPU mining is variable because it shares its power with any other process, as well as Windows.

The CPU earns about $0.41/d,
The GPU earns about $1.81/d


Not true, salad isn’t optimised for GPU mining, GPUs are just way more powerful than CPUs and in most cases the GPU in a computer will earn more than the CPU, there’s only very rare cases in which someone may earn more with their CPU just because they have a really really old/weak dedicated GPU.

I apologize, I sacrificed technical correctness for conciseness in my answer. You’re more correct than me. This article has a lot more information, and I recommend that @mazinamgad2007 check it out.

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