Create a 'Loot Requests' category on the forum

There clearly should be a different category for asking to add redemptions to Salad—these 3 posts would fit perfectly into that category!

Lumping real feature requests with requests for different loot makes the forum untidy.

What do you mean, feature request is basically requesting everything salad needs or whatever you want including your ‘Loot Request’ feature…

He’s requesting that Loot Requests and Feature Requests would be separate categories, to not flood one with the other.


Something I think this forum is missing is labels so opening another category will be pretty much a waste if we had labels. labels will allow the person who posting choose between loot request, forum request. if you ask me I love when everything is on one place but categorised so if we had all the requests in one forum category with labels it will be probably easier to manage. or just add sub category also could be nice.


That’s a great idea! I’m happy with either one, but labels are probably better because forum-goers could create their own categories of topics. I doubt Salad would give us that freedom, though.

(Also, I saw another one. This really needs to be addressed!)

if they would do that then they would have to make a separate channel for other requests as well so just making a loot request in general is more costly

What? I don’t understand your reply.