Deilek’s wishlist for salad

Alright my name is Deilek and I have a few wishes from salad that will make it a way better platform for everyone to use.

First up: I would like to see both cpu and gpu mining at the same time. I think this would be very good as it would increase earnings buy quite a bit for everyone making everyone happier. (Also I heard you were already making this happen but I’m not sure haha)

Second: We should be able to tell salad how much power it can take kinda like nice hash’s but with a bit more customization. Like max uses all it can, high uses most etc. this should also be in effect for cpu mining. Or both at the same time if my first wish comes to be true.

Finally I saw a survey about your storage and mining like that although slow could help out people with a terribyte or 2 open.

I’m rather new to this salad forum thing so if you can leave comments (Devs you too Idd like feedback to see if it’s possible or coming even) and other than that I hope you agree with me and have a great day!

nice reccomendations you done there

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