Didn't recieve code

I recently ordered a $5 gift card, and while I usually almost instantly am emailed a code, it’s been 4 hours and I still haven’t seen anything in my reward vault or email. Am I being impatient, or did something go wrong?


This seems to be a current common issue… Please log a ticket and we will get right to sending you your reward!
You can submit tickets here:
Note that answer times may be longer than usual, but we will get back to you.


I still haven’t heard anything, and it’s happened again, this time with a $10 digital VISA card. Can I kiss both those goodbye, or am I going to get anything?

You are going to get something, but whenever the support team gets to your ticket, I cannot speak for them…

I got a “how did you like your care” message, but they didn’t do anything. Also, I’ve waited over a month, and it was supposed to be 3-4 days, MAX.

More importantly, both times the issue occurred it was because the card wasn’t in my chopping cart. If that’s the issue, TELL PEOPLE. I’ve lost a week’s worth of chopping now to this issue because of those two cards.

Did you check your spam or promotions email tabs?

It can go there easily.