Different durations of discord nitro

There´s only 1-month of nitro and nitro classic subscriptions, but why can´t we add 3 months or 1-year subscriptions?

Discord does not offer customizable Gifting Durations (maybe on mobile idk)

Salad cant somehow make a 3 month or a 6-month subscription.

1 Year is but nobody has 100$ of balance at the same time on the account.

Thanks for the suggestion, @adraingutmann. @3oF is correct, though. These products have a fixed duration set by Discord themselves. We cannot change these offers, even though we may want to. If Discord decides to offer alternatives, we won’t hesitate to make them available as new rewards. However, seeing as there’s nothing we can do about this, I’m going to go on ahead and close this feature request. Thanks for bringing it up for discussion!