Discord integration with forums and signatures

Forum feed on saladchefs discord server
Discord integration that will update us on discord about new feature requests that are made in the forums to courage members of our discord server to stop by and vote for their favorite features!
I already did the research on how to do it here you go :slight_smile:

Forums Signatures
Forum signatures are generally messages or text that appear below every single post a user creates on the forum. Users can place anything they like in this field, and it would appear on all of their posts.
In my opinion, it’s a nice customization option to have in the forums it might not be useful for the forums but sure is nice to have.
I will send here an example for a signature I made a couple of minutes ago for myself in case you actually will add it to the forums :slight_smile:
MOSHED-2020-11-14-15-17-21 (1)

Hope you will find my request interesting and maybe even useful.

So people can see things suggested in the discord channel and in the forums?

the opposite, people will be able to see things that got suggested in the forums inside the discord channel.

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