Discord Moderator/Support Assistant Avatars

Hello, I have come to the council of Salad here on the Feature Requests category of the forum to propose an addition of Discord moderator/support assistant avatar icons. With the new addition of the Profile avatars, Salad is beginning to seem more and more like a community built into a cryptomining application, and a very large part of the already established community is the Discord. Recognizing people who have contributed a great deal to the Discord and to the community as a whole with neat little avatars would be a very nice gesture.

i need this profile pictures i am in shambles i need to know if im avatar or so i can pass away in peace but if they are not good ill have to pass away in agony please add avatares with upmost important

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this is a very good suggestion and my opinion is not biased in any way


This is a pogchamp idea I agree with this frog.
totally not biased

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