Discord Rich Presence

It would be cool if you could choose how you want to display your rich presence. For example, it can show the current hashing rate, balance, gpu, referral code, etc.

cough cough
While not currently in the app, I’ve made a Python script able to display a few cool information from Salad on your Discord status…
Most notably, I can get:

  • Lifetime balance
  • Current balance
  • Current XP
  • Referral code
    The rest is surely possible, using various methods, but the system I am building is still under development

What is the script? Can you give me/

There’s a link to it here:
It’s for an “app” I coded in python. You’ll be able to show a custom status to anyone, and display some useful Salad stats (currently just XP and balance, but maybe more to come?)