Do i use my CPU or my GPU

So I got Salad few days ago and was using my CPU that looks more efficient than my GPU.
But i don’t know so much of mining cryptocurrencies and i’m here to ask whats more efficient for me.
My CPU: Intel Core i5-9600k 8 gb of ram
My GPU: Radeon RX550 2gb of vram


It seems that your GPU is going to earn more, but due to low VRAM in order to cryptomine, it might have a hard time initializing on Salad.

From the basic research I did on internet, the i5-9600k should earn $0.1456 per 24 hours, while the RX550 2GB would be closer to $0.46

I suggest you try both of them over a period of time and see which earns more.

Thank you!


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Oh, hello.
Yes i was thinking about testing both of them.
I will try my GPU now and thanks for helping me alot man <3