Does overclocking gpu increase earnings?

I recently overclocked my rtx 2060 to 115mhz and nothing has changed with my earnings. I usually earn around 0.01 -0.10 (which im pretty sure is low earnings for a 2060, if u have a solution to this let me know) but I’ve seen videos on people earning much more when overclocking, yet there is no difference for me. Does overclocking actually affect my earnings?

Hello, 115mhz on core or memory? If you are using the correct miner (In your case, phoenixminer is the one you want to use), you should overclock memory and downclock the core a bit for better earnings and not needing to raise the power limit. That should then improve your earnings.

Am I able to use a specific miner? I thought the miners were randomly chosen and changed every now and then. How do I choose a miner to use?

You’re not able to choose a specific one, but we never choose them randomly lol… We use the one with the most earnings that your card is able to support.
Like Divertic said, the 2060 supports Phoenix, the current best miner we have.
Make sure you’re using that when mining!

How do I make sure I’m using the phoenixminer?

You can view which miner you are using under the “miner details” tab, within the “Earn” area